Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crafty McCrafterson's - DIY project

Soooo we think it's time for a non-fashion related post/ DIY post...since we haven't been doing very many crafty/ home projects lately due to our increasingly busy schedules of making custom clothes for people (we are VERY THANKFUL for each and every one of you!) - and while we "technically" don't really have the time to do home projects, but we decided to make it a point to get this ONE project we did.

we had been eying these amazing BRIGHT and CHEERFUL credenza's lately that seem to be popping up everywhere either on Apartment, Room Service, Jonathan Adler, or awesome vintage remastered pieces...

We picked up a credenza/cubby shelving unit at a garage sale for a whopping $ was totally boring and simple, but we envisioned how easily it could be transformed into something spectacular!

this is what the credenza looked like before:
boring garage sale find - $10

You could say that our taste in interior design is a funky/eclectic/bright/modern - ish....we LOVE LOVE LOVE color for our house (each room in our apartment is a different color, and we prefer our furniture to be brightly colored as well, and everything is mismatched.
We've noticed TONS of Chevron printed interiors recently as well as Chevron printed clothing too...and naturally we are big fans of the colorful zig zag print, so we decided to use it on the credenza.
chevron printed dresser
{Design & painted by Mark Chamberlin via Benjamin Moore's site, via JGB Interiors

The always inspirational Jonathan Adler

The always inspirational Jonathan Adler
there's even accessories!

We decided to do the credenza turquoise (to match our already existing TV cabinet) with the added 'Chevron' flare of course..

To construct the chevron pattern, we cut even strips of cardboard and taped them together in a zig zag pattern.
  • First, we removed the partical board backing on the credenza because it was just ugly and not useful...
  • We sanded the credenza lightly, and then painted two coats of turquoise paint - and let dry.
  • Next, we taped down our chevron pattern along the top of the cabinet.(verrrry carefully, and perfectly measured) god forbid your perfect chevron pattern ends up crooked!!!
  • With a small paint brush and black acrylic paint, we CAREFULLY painted in the chevron took FOREVER (but we are total it took us extra long...)
  • we then continued the chevron patten down the sides of the credenza as well, 
  • lastly, we finished some of the trim with black paint to tie the whole piece together.
and, VOILA!!! our DIY chevron credenza a la Rainbows Noir!

freshly painted
waiting for the paint to dry...
ready for decorating!
this credenza wants to host a cocktail party...
home sweet home.

Hope you guys liked our DIY project! we cant wait to do our next one, Heidi's bedroom nightstands...stay tuned!

Heidi & Nissa

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Friday, July 1, 2011

hi low

Hello friends!

we are BIG fans of the maxi dress/ maxi skirt trend - and most currently, the "midi" length trend as well. These trends have played a key role in a large portion of our designs lately. For us, comfort translates into confidence which easily translates into sexy. That's why we adore the "maxi" and "midi" so much! we cant stop making dresses and skirts in these fantastic lower hemlines! (plus they're totally comfortable and you don't have to worry about accidentally giving anyone a peep show when you get out of the car (a la Brit Spears)

 The following photos are from a recent Vegas trip. Nissa and I went against the grain of typical "clubbing" style, and opted for MAXI'S instead! Nissa on the left is wearing a Rainbows Noir - Chantilly lace cropped tube top in black paired with Rainbows Noir - silk chiffon maxi skirt in a burnt orange abstract leopard print.
Heidi is wearing a Rainbows Noir - backless maxi dress with overlay ruffle top, and asymmetrical hem (It's the same dress in our previous post being modeled by Emily)- and we are both wearing Jeffrey Campbell platforms - OF COURSE!!

The following photos were taken at our best friend, Jessie's, wedding rehearsal dinner.
Heidi is wearing a Rainbows Noir - low back, midi / asymmetrical length dress with ultra skinny straps which cross and tie at back - in a black rayon vintage floral fabric. This dress is similar to the black maxi dress which Nissa is wearing in the pictures, in that it has the cropped ruffle overlay as well.

Thanks for looking!
P.S. If anyone is interested in any Rainbows Noir designs you've seen on our blog, just email us and we will happily create a custom piece for you! Heidi can be reached at:, and Nissa can be reached at
P.S.S. we're totally affordable too...


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