Wednesday, January 12, 2011

aztec obsession - DIY PROJECT

Nissa and I have been obsessing over all things "Aztec" or "Navajo" inspired for several months now...we've been collecting several pieces from wherever we can afford to buy, (still lusting over Lindsey Thornburg cloaks), and ALL THINGS PENDLETON of course!!!

Damn Miley Cyrus and her lustworthy vintage Aztec Necklace

Gorge Pendleton Fab


Soooo Nissa and I came across some awesome Aztec print jersey fabric at the fabric store a few weeks ago, so we made a shirt (tunic style, poncho-esq) and it turned out super cute!!! We also made this necklace from several different jewelry pieces we got from the craft store....
The DIY Aztec top by Heidi and Nissa

The DIY aztec necklace by Heidi and Nissa

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