Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rainbows Noir: in da hood - DIY project

Rainbows Noir: in da hood - DIY project

in da hood - DIY project

As many of you have probably noticed this winter, it seems like EVERYONE (meaning celebs) have been sporting these
furry animal hoods by Spirit Hoods
Personally, I think they are totes adorab, however the $135 price tag, 
not so adorb. 

So when my friend Michelle approached me about possibly making a similar hood for her upcoming snowboarding trip to Tahoe, I was more than willing to take on the challenge! We snatched up some shaggy white faux fur at the fabric store along with a super soft blanket/sweatshirt fabric to use for the lining...and I got to sewing. I was super thrilled with the result, it's perfect!!! 
Here I am (Heidi) sporting my version - a white wolf - handmade by yours truly!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Since NYE is right around the corner...Nissa and I have been busy busy busy perfecting our dresses. Mine is a vintage silhouette, reminiscent of the late 60's, with long bell sleeves, boat neck, and low back all on this gorge vintage-y looking gold sequin fabric that I found in Downtown LA. Nissa's is a bit more "Dynasty" inspired (think 1980's Delta Burke, except modern) haha, it's really pretty, I swear! Pics to come.

I finished my BFF Jessie's dress last night, and she was thrilled with the result. The pic is a crappy pic I snapped with my cellphone, and please ignore Jessie's workout clothes underneath! Anyways, we were happy with the finished product we just had to have her model it!


Welcome to our blog. We are Heidi and Nissa Benavides, 27 year old  twin sisters from the beautiful seaside town of Ventura, California. We started sewing and making clothes at 8 years old thanks to the help of our amazingly talented grandmother and mother. Since as far as I can remember, we have been designing our own dresses, making doll outfits, and even dressing our dogs in our creations! Our father, Paul Benavides is a very talented artist, to whom we owe a lot of our creativity genes to. (p.s. the banner art is an image I took from my Fathers current piece, titled "Marty's #2")
Anywho.... Please join us in our journey of fashion with Rainbows Noir.

We hope to use this blog as a way of showing the world our personal style, inspirations and current projects we are working on.

...and once we have our website set up!, the blog will be linked to our website so you can buy clothes! (hopefully soon) The website will be RainbowsNoir which we haven't started yet (besides the domain name) so currently a work in progress...


Our current design and fashion Inspirations

Pucci - Spring/Summer 2011
I DIE for it all!

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