Thursday, December 30, 2010

in da hood - DIY project

As many of you have probably noticed this winter, it seems like EVERYONE (meaning celebs) have been sporting these
furry animal hoods by Spirit Hoods
Personally, I think they are totes adorab, however the $135 price tag, 
not so adorb. 

So when my friend Michelle approached me about possibly making a similar hood for her upcoming snowboarding trip to Tahoe, I was more than willing to take on the challenge! We snatched up some shaggy white faux fur at the fabric store along with a super soft blanket/sweatshirt fabric to use for the lining...and I got to sewing. I was super thrilled with the result, it's perfect!!! 
Here I am (Heidi) sporting my version - a white wolf - handmade by yours truly!

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