Thursday, February 10, 2011

DIY - custom dog silhouettes a la Heidi and Nissa

We've been wanting custom silhouettes of our pups for quite sometime now...and after scouring for super cute custom dog silhouettes, we were just disappointed with the selection and decided "Hey! we can totally just make our own! So, that's what we did!...
Inspiration silhouette - cute, but kinda plain!
What we did - and/or what you will need to make them:

First we went to Michaels (best store ever!!) and picked up the following:
  • 10x10 black picture frames
  • plain black 12x12 cardstock (or scrapbooking paper)
  • a large assortment of 12x12 printed scrapbooking paper to match our home decor
  • a quality x-acto knife
  • and a glue stick!
We then took profile photos of our dogs, printed the picture, and then traced their exact silhouette's in sharpie.
Next, we cut the photo silhouette out using the x-acto knife, and then traced the outline only on the black cardstock with pencil.
Then we VERY CAREFULLY cut out the silhouette - ensuring that no mistakes we made!
We then just glued the black silhouette to the fun and colorful paper, and we added silver embossed letter stickers of each dogs initials right below the silhouettes.
Lastly, we cut down each one to fit the 10x10 frame

...and voila! Custom framed silhouettes of my amazing pups!!!!!
All done and hung in Heidi's bedroom!

Harlot Marie

Sasha Sparkles

Axl Rose
and... just in case you aren't familiar with my dogs (and how incredibly cute they are!!!)
left - Harlot, middle - Sasha, and on the right - Axl

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  1. so cute! i love it. great blog :)


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