Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the row - fall winter 2011/2012

damn those Olsen twins...they can never do any wrong in our eyes...

The Row - Fall/Winter 2011/2012
Have we ever mentioned our insane jealousy of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? I mean, why didn't our parents have us audition for Full House in the 80's? .... just sayin'....

We love everything they do.

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  1. ughhhhh those lace skirts and that beaded dress is to DIE for!!! and the only reason i say ugh is because i know i can't afford them!! haha saw that you guys are from ventura! so funny i lived in westlake for a couple! anyway, love your blog, and thank you guys so much for your comments!

    ashley <3


  2. Thanks Ashley!! I used to work in Westlake! how funny!

    P.S. We LOVE your blog!


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