Friday, February 11, 2011

we've gone DIY crazy!! - bedroom dresser edition

Nissa has re-done her room FINALLY after a year of procrastination...better late than never right?

Anywho...part of the "re-do" meant she needed a new dresser - and when we spotted this at Room Service - we died. Nissa HAD TO HAVE IT...
PC: Room Service
....but the $2,295 price tag....not so practical for a broke ass 27 year old chick living in an apartment.
so, what do we do? DIY project duh!!!

Nissa found a vintage french provincial dresser on Craigslist for 50 bucks...
of course we forgot to take a "before" picture of the dresser, but it looked a lot like this one - but wayyyy crappier - the "off-white" paint was peeling and scratched, and lets face it - it was "off-white" - which in my world, is borrrrringggg.
"look-a-like" dresser from Craigslist - before

Next, we picked up a couple cans of black furniture spray paint (semi-gloss) from Lowes, as well as white spray paint for the accents.
Nissa then sanded the dresser lightly, and also removed the accent pieces - which she spray painted white separately.
Then Nissa and our lovely mother and step-father spray painted the sh*t out of that dresser (don't worry, they went outside to do this...caution: major fume-age!!!)
Once it was all dry, Nissa glued the white accent pieces back on, and VOILA!!!! 
Allow me to introduce you to The $50 version of the Room Service inspiration dresser!!!

Moral of the story: 

$50 vs. $2,295

I choose 50 dollars....thanks!

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