Thursday, March 31, 2011

bag lady - necklace DIY project

Soooo, we were strolling the aisles of our favorite store, Michaels the other day!!!, and we came across this awesome little "DIY Indian leather section", and we got a little say the least. Give us any excuse to make something, let alone something American Indian inspired, and you have us on board 100%

We have been seeing these little Indian medicine pouch necklaces around, and decided to make our own version.


12th Street by Cynthia Vincent Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Lookbook
Cute little medicine bag necklaces -
the lovely Ashley from Purse 'n boots blog styled this shoot

LF stores

LF stores

LF stores

LF stores
What we did to make our version:
  • Native heritage medicine pouch kit - which we purchased at Michaels for $8  
  • Leather cord - we chose leather, but suede would work as well. Go here
  • funky silver charms to dangle - here
  • Jump rings - here
  • Toggle - here - not entirely necessary, though it looks cute with one 
  • Chains to hang your funky charms from -here

 and the result -

DIY Indian leather medicine pouch necklace

Loves it. we will be fighting over this baby for sure.

and the DIY'ing continues.....

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  2. this is an amazing diy!!! and of course, i love the inspiration ;) mayyyy need to make myself one of these!! and thank you guys sooooo much for your sweet comments, i love them!

    ashley <3

  3. and p.s. YES. that is the cabo cantina in weho!! hahaha so close to my house i can't resist a visit every now and then!


  4. So stylish!! I'll definitely follow you, hope you would like to do the same;

    xxxxx Love


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