Wednesday, March 30, 2011

rooster feather earring - DIY project

You have probably noticed the abundance of feather earrings out there right now in stores and online. They have been extremely trendy for a while now, and the trend continues into summer and fall. We are personal fans of this style - and since we refuse to spend $218 dollars on a pair of earrings, we decided to have a little DIY project! 

Here were our inspirations:

Feather Earrings - Free People

Free People

Rooster feather earrings - Planet Blue
Rooster feather earrings - Planet Blue

What you will need:
  • Rooster Feathers - We found ours at the local Tackle Shop. People use them for fishing (crazy right?!, who knew!) but you can also order them online. They are hard to find, if you can't find any, you can use pheasant feathers or peacock feathers as well.
  • Jewelry Pliers - We got ours at our FAVE STORE - MICHAELS!!! click here for jewelry pliers.
  • Metal chains to hang feathers from - click here
  • Earring findings - We like the classic fish hook style - Click here for earring findings
  • Jump rings - Essential to all Jewelry making - click here for jump rings
  • Finding crimps - look for the crimps with a loop on the end - click here
We decided to make a single earring as opposed to two. because it is a substantial size, it would be too much to wear two at once. It turned out adorable. We suggest cutting the chain in various lengths so your feathers hang at different lengths. It takes time, and your hands will be very sore from clamping, but its worth it. We love them!

behold the result!:

DIY rooster feather earring a la Heidi and Nissa
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  1. Super cute! And you guys are getting fancy with all the linky links :). xoxo

  2. I LOVE THEM!!!

    GO HEIDI & NISSA!!!! :)



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