Friday, March 4, 2011

spring fever

from left - Wildfox, Halston Heritage, Topshop, and Winter Kate

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent

Black maxi skirts


Erin Wasson in Vintage

Free People

Pixie Market
Ready for spring?

The 70's are back in a big way for Spring 2011... Everywhere we look we are seeing a plethora of "free love" and "disco" era themed styles, including bell bottoms, bohemian style blouses, hippie dresses, halter tops, tunics, and of course maxi skirts...

We will gladly admit that we have both fully jumped on this trend bandwagon willingly... (any excuse to wear loose, comfortable, and flowy clothing is more than OK in our book!)

with that being said, we have been busy making some new items for our personal clothing collections. (still working on samples to hopefully sell in the future...promise!)

current obsessions of ours include maxi skirts, silk prints, peasant blouses, poncho's, capes,  and all things lace or crochet. Here are some of the pieces we've made recently...
black silk long sleeve blouse with uneven hem and peasant sleeves

black sheer silk chiffon maxi skirt with fishtail back

off white burnout cotton jersey poncho with crochet trim
Black lace cape / kimono

 ..... maybe someday we will bring some color into our wardrobes.... we just love black and white soooo much, we can't help it!


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